Chandler Day 346: The Julius W. Pinnell School

SONY DSCThis is the schoolhouse that where the previous photo was taken and where my camera died. It really is an awesome building, though it is kind of creepy. We were’t able to get into it but the grounds still made for some good photos. There were a couple other small buildings on the property and an old playground. Hopefully we will be able to get into the building one day and hopefully I won’t lose another camera to the place.

Chandler Day 304: Happy Halloween!

DSC06345For Halloween I didn’t go out, or party or drink or whatever you do on Halloween now. I just stayed in with Hannah and we gave out candy to the kids that came to her house, which wasn’t many, because of the cold and snow. Yeah, it was kind of crazy that it snowed on Halloween this year. But it was still a fun night with ghost stories and a Halloween story.

Chandler Day 236: Parking Garages Can be Creepy

DSC04359For some reason I have always hated parking garages. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t like being underground in them or because I can’t see outside or because you never know who is in them. I don’t know, they have always just freaked me out. So I always avoid parking in them. I always park on the street, even though it can be much more of a hassle. But today I decided to park in a garage as we were downtown and had to be somewhere on time. It didn’t freak me out this time. I suppose I’ve just grown out of that old fear. But they do still look creepy, which can make for a good shot.

Chandler Day 159: Doors

DSC03651Abandoned doors. Doors leading into another abandoned building. Doors that hold more secrets, more stories, more memories that will never be know. Old and forgotten doors. Left behind, slowly decaying and being overtaken by nature. I think they were part of what was an old schoolhouse. Most of the building was overgrown and decayed. What once was home to people now shelters animals and supports plants that are slowly overtaking it.

Chandler Day 157: Twin Bridge

DSC03626This bridge here is the second of the Twin Bridges in Avon and Danville. I already shot the first bridge and put it in an earlier post. Both of these bridges are supposedly haunted and have interchangeable stories. One is of a man buried alive in the concrete, the other is of a woman who dropped her baby in the creek below. Both are a little creepy looking and both are very photogenic. Tonight I was able to shoot the Avon bridge and explore the park that it’s in. It made for a fun evening and I hope to shoot more of the bridge another time.

Chandler Day 127: Fisher Hall

DSC02835So this is Fisher Hall. Well, part of it. The creepy part of Fisher Hall to be exact. There’s kind of three sections. The very old part, which has a gallery and offices, the newer part with all the classrooms and the basement which is for the art people, and which contains the creepy part. Honestly the section for the Art majors is kind of shitty but I love it. I love Fisher Hall. It’s where I spend most of my time and I have some good memories here. Some important stuff happened in this hall. And sadly it’s going to be torn down this summer. There was a fire in part of it,and now they have to tear down the whole building. It’s sad and I will really miss this weird, confusing, and kinda creepy builidng.

Chandler Day 109: Sunsets and Haunted Cabins

DSC02562Tonight I had dinner with part of my family and I got to see Brandy.  After we finished dinner, we escaped from the house for a bit and went to find a place to shoot the sunset. We shot in a few old barns and watched the sun turn into a perfect ball of orange fire and fall below the horizon. Then we found an abandoned log cabin in a woods and of course we had to check it out. We walked back to it and started shooting, though we both got a very eerie feeling from the house. It was a short time shooting, but fun.

Chandler Day 68: Roadtrip to Gary, IN

DSC01961Today was a great day. It started out in a Waffle House early this morning in Pendleton. Me, Hannah, Brandy, Nick and Mary met up there and had breakfast. From there we headed to Gary. We were running on about two hours of sleep but we weren’t going to let that slow us down. We were driving all the way to Gary to shoot some abandoned buildings there. We started with an abandoned train station. The building was great, but very eerie. It was filled with graffiti and fliers of missing people. One bit of graffiti that kept reoccurring was “The Rest Are Dead” in red paint on the walls. There was also this very dark hallway that none of us really wanted to go in. That is where the picture above was taken. After walking on the railroad and watching several trains go by, we moved on to the next building. That building  was an old church. We explored this large building for quite some time as there were several levels and a basement. It was perfect for shooting. Then we moved onto an abandoned theater, which was slightly terrifying. For some reason everyone got a weird vibe from the heavily decayed building. We got a few shots there and then quickly moved on to an old school building. A few shots there and then we wrapped up the trip by driving by a house that had apparently contained demons and the family that lived there was possessed at one time.  It was a great road trip. We got some great shots, had a lot of fun, saw some very creepy things, and made it out of Gary in one piece.

Chandler Day 56: The Dog Walk

DSC01723-2This is the Dog Walk at Marian University. It is one of the supposedly haunted places on campus. Apparently a man walking a dog can sometimes be seen on the dog walk. It can be a really creepy looking place at night, and I can see why it’s thought to be haunted. There are plenty of other places on campus that are haunted. I’ve walked past this place countless times and tonight while walking back to my room I finally stopped to get a shot. This place has a lot of potential for better shots and I plan on working with it more.

Chandler Day 32: Change

DSC01233 (2)More train tracks,I know. But I love them. And these made me stop today. I was driving rather fast because I was late for a double date, but I saw this and I had to stop. The fog was beautiful and creepy and it worked great with these tracks. I love fog. It adds so much to everything around you. I’ve shot these tracks several times before, but they looked so different in the fog. It’s amazing how a scene can change with the environment around it. How weather, and light, and moisture can completely change how you see something. One day these tracks were covered in pure white snow, with a clear blue sky behind and full sun lighting them. And today they were wet and dark and covered in mist and fog. I love this change. It makes you keep your eyes open. It makes you continuously look at something to see how it changes. It makes you adapt and look for new shots. It can hard and sometimes very frustrating, but sometimes, like today, it can really pay off.