Chandler Day 352: Long-Forgotten Pathways

DSC00326Indiana is called the Crossroads of America. Highways and railways cut through the state and can be found everywhere. Railways have declined over the years and now that state is left with this. Tall embankments where railroads once were. Now they are paths through woods with the occasional reminder that machines once passed through. Railroad ties, bits of coal, markers, broken up bridges, even graves, all mark these forgotten railways.

Brandy Day201: Crossroads


Crossroads. I have no shame in admitting it used to be my favorite BoneThugs song.
Headed out to the Lynch’s House (Jordans house) earlier today. Had a great conversation with Josh (Jordan’s older brother), very unexpected to see him but enjoyable.
After a hard yet enjoyable visit, Jordan was heavy on my heart and mind. This evening during my evening sunset drive, I did what he and I often did together. I played the ‘crossroad’ game. Left, forward or right every time I came to a stop. At this particular crossroad it was a left