Chandler Day 334: Tim

DSC 1Because this week was the beginning of finals I did not take any pictures. So I have decided to show off a sampling of my pictures and my family. This is Tim, my father. I have mentioned him previously in a couple of other posts. He is the father to Brandy, who he adopted, me and Abbie. He is a very hard working, intelligent, efficient and structured man. His hard work has left a mark on the city through the wonderful buildings that he has build. He has been a good father despite mistakes and flaws and has taught me a lot and I love him very much.

Chandler Day 313: A Tough Assignment

IMG_7943For my photo assignment this weekend I was told to take photos of my dad. I knew this would be hard because neither of my parents enjoy having their photos taken and they don’t cooperate very well. But I had to take the photos. This was the best one that I could get, which wasn’t very satisfying. Hopefully I will get a better portrait of him soon though. But it is interesting to see how people react to their photo being taken. Some love it and they know how to make a great picture. Because a good portrait is not made by just the photographer. Others don’t like it so much but they can make for wonderful photos too. Others hate it and some people are very hard to make good photos of. People are challenging but they certainly are worth it.

Chandler Day 165: Dad

DSC03704I celebrated Father’s Day today(a day early) with my dad, step-mom and little sister. We had a picnic and went to IMA. Then he forced us to work in the garden, using his Father’s Day privileges. We ended the day with a good dinner and watching a movie. It was a good day with my dad. He’s a good dad. We have our differences and we don’t always get along, but I think that’s typical. Despite that, he’s one of the hardest workers I know, he’s always does his best at a job, he’s taught me a lot, and he’s a good dad.

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you.

Brandy Day128: Turtle Kisses <3


Chris Lynch. An amazing mother. A strong woman. Beautiful. Courageous. Hopeful. Supportive. Giving. Loving. Role model. We will always have a bond, that not even death can take away.
Chris lost her son Jordan 8years ago to suicide. Standing by her side, watching her cry, the pain she endures, the moments she wants to break down, yet all the love and compassion she still has to offer. Jordan’s friends call her Momma Lynch. They bring their children over to meet someone who was always a positive influence as they grew up. Jordan’s father still, to this day, coaches the local track team where Jordan attended school.
Amazing people with more to offer, cheated of so many experiences, yet finding ways to still give back and be a part.
I love them as they are my own set of parents. Thank you. For everything you’ve done for not just me, but all whose lives you’ve touched. For raising two boys. For enduring so much pain, yet still loving and laughing. For allowing me to be a part of your life. Be a part of who you are. I love you Chris & Keith Lynch ❤

Brandy Day110: Monkeys Not Bunnies On Easter


Happy Easter!
This is my beautiful sister Abigail! I’ll never forget the day my parents told me they were pregnant with her. My response was, “Well, I’m daddy’s little girl, so I hope its a boy.” Nine months later in the delivery room the Dr congratulated our family with a little girl. I started balling. My dad hugged me and said I’d always be his little girl (we all know Abbie is his favorite 😉 ) So its stuck, which one of us is the favorite daughter, we go back and forth often with it.
In our crazy family and this crazy world, she’s had to find herself. She’s done a beautiful job of it.
I’m so proud of you Monkey! Your an amazingly beautiful woman.

Chandler Day 93: Steel, Lumber & Drywall

DSC02391I love construction. I always have. That’s always what I wanted to do when I was a little kid. Some of my favorite memories were getting to go to construction sites with my dad. Seeing the workers, the machinery, the loud noises, the smell of lumber and drywall, tools, concrete, steel, and scaffolding.  I love it. I love watching new buildings being built. Houses, apartments, stores, roads,  halls. New places to live and work and play. Progress. Unlike a lot of  people, I like having construction on campus. I like watching a new hall being built. I’ve watched it grow from the ground up. I loved hearing the pile drivers pound steel beams into the ground, I like hearing the saws, I like watching the sparks fly from welding. I like the renovation in the other halls too. Watching drywall be put up and smelling drywall mud and paint. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been around it. Maybe it’s because that’s my dad’s life. He’s taught me everything I know about construction and building. And I love being able to say that my dad built that store or those apartments, or that beautiful new hotel that changed a part of a city. I don’t want to be a construction worker or project manager anymore, but I’ll always love construction.