Chandler Day 259: Quick, Look Up Before It’s Gone

DSC05161I do a lot of driving and right now the weather is perfect for having the windows rolled down and the sun roof open. It’s one of my favorite things to have everything open as I drive down the road. ¬†Usually the photos are shot through the windows or through the front window. But every now and the you look up and a shot presents itself. Now I have been told not to shoot while driving, by a few people. But sometimes the shots are just too good and I try to be as safe as possible when I shoot. I will have you know that I learned this technique from the best ūüėČ

Brandy Day250: It’s Like Riding A Bike


Oddly enough the country roads are littered with bikers. ¬†Seems the back roads are appealing to a lot of people. ¬†It makes me so nervous traveling around bikers like this in packs or singly. ¬†It’s even more dangerous once that sun begins to set, the hot roads give a deceiving reflection that is hard to see through. ¬†A lot of people also take advantage of how obscure the country roads can be and fly down them at dangerous speeds, not only dangerous for them but others, animal & human alike. ¬†If you like to take advantage of the back roads, windows down & music up, ¬†just be safe and aware of darting people or animals. ¬†I’ve seen cows jump fences ya know…and rumor has it they can jump over the moon!

*No I am not associated with anyone in this photo. ¬†It’s just very dangerous*