Chandler Day 319: A Trip Downtown

DSC06264Today me and Hannah got to go downtown and go shopping. We covered most of the mall and got some Christmas shopping done. We had a good time down there and got some dinner. We ended up back at Marian and went to the coffee house they were having. It was a good night and I had a lot of fun with her.

Chandler Day 311: An Interesting Day

DSC06348So today was interesting to say the least. It started off nice as some of my classes were canceled. I took one of the easiest Survey tests I have taken and then I got to go on a great date with Hannah. We went to the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the IMA which was very nice and then we went out to dinner. I got to relax for a while and then I went to help a friend with a photography assignment. We had to practically move the studio to another building to set up her shot. In the middle of it though things took a different direction. I got a text saying Hannah was going to hospital with her parents. Which scared me to death. So I ran across campus and went to the hospital with her. It was an issue with her bleeding disorder and we had to go to the ER. For an emergency room they were quite slow and we didn’t leave until almost 3 a.m. In the middle of it all there were also shooter on the loose running around in the area of the hospital. It was a crazy day. It was scary too. I know it’s cliché, but you really find out how much you love someone in situations like this. Getting that text was one of the scariest things I got. I immediately started shaking. It luckily ended up not being anything all that serious, but still it was scary. You realize how important that person is. It was awful waiting and wondering what was going on. It was great to get out of there, knowing she was safe and okay.

Chandler Day 53: I Love You

DSC01709Today was an amazing day. This morning I set up  a special scavenger hunt for Hannah. I hid clues around campus and across Indianapolis. The clues took her to places where we had special memories, like where we went on our first date. The final clue led her to a place she hadn’t ever been before; Marott Park. Hidden in a tree at the park was a note telling her 100 things I loved about her. I was also hiding there at the park, though she thought I was at work. When she got there and read the note I told her I loved her. I had to do it in a special way. I had to do some grand gesture to try and show her how much I loved her. Later that day she asked me how I knew I loved her. And I told her I knew  I loved her because I would do anything for her. I know because I do all these little things for her that I wouldn’t do for anyone else. I know because when she’s sick, I take care of her and still kiss her, even though I hate being around sick people. I know because I’d drive miles and miles out of my way just to see her. I know because I love all of her little quirks. I know because of incredibly happy she makes me. I just knew. I love you Hannah.

Chandler Day 45: Love

DSC01510 (2)Today I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Hannah. We went to dinner where we had our first date and then we went to the symphony. It was a great night and there’s no one else in the world I would have rather spent it with. As we sat in the symphony listening to a collection of romantic love songs, I started to think about love. It’s kind of a relevant topic today. Listening to those beautiful songs made me think about the things that love makes us do. It has inspired so much art, music, literature, beauty, selflessness, bravery, and sacrifice. It makes people paint masterpieces and write operas. It makes people do insane things. And it doesn’t always show up in these big ways. It shows in tiny little things. All the everyday sacrifices and little acts of kindness that one will do for someone they love. Like making them breakfast, or running an errand for them or making them soup and giving them a kiss when they’re sick. And all the tiny little gestures. Like holding hands, or the way you look at them, or holding them in your arms or kissing them. I’ve thought a lot about love and what it is. And I guess I think you love someone when you know you would do anything for them. And that means the big things and the little things. And for most of us, the big things don’t come up, or they don’t come up very often. But the little things. Those happen every day. And every day you do the little things for them because you love them.