Chandler Day 266: I Can be Spiritual

DSC05213Today was like yesterday. Still the need to think and be removed. Recently I argued with someone about religion and it wasn’t fun at all. I know everyone is upset with me because of what I believe in. I doubt that it will ever change. But they are my beliefs. I am entitled to them. They are not hasty or born out of anger. Yes I have been angry before and I have been hurt. But my beliefs come from my reasoning and my search for truth. And yes, maybe they will change. But for now this is what they are. All I ask is respect for them. Aside from this, in the argument spirituality was discussed and I most definitely believe that I can and anyone can be spiritual without god. Today I sat in a woods next to a stream and watched leaves float by and listened to the wind and the trees. And I connected to nature on a deeper or higher level than the mere physical. It was quiet and simple. It was honest and pure and beautiful. There were things to be listened to and learned. Some may say that it is god speaking. But I say it is nature itself speaking and connecting. Reaching out. And I am spiritual no less than any Christian or Muslim or Hindu or any religious person. Maybe this whole example means nothing to you who read it. But to me, it means so much.

Chandler Day 70: Good Food & Great Talks

DSC02104Blueberry pancakes, black coffee, and bacon. A great breakfast. This week I have been on spring break and home with my mom. She always cooks a great breakfast and this morning this was what she made. I always love having breakfast with her. For one it’s always great food, but we always get to talk and catch up with each other. And we usually get into a long discussion or debate and breakfast turns into a two hour event. I love it and we’ve had a lot of great talks over breakfast and hopefully we’ll have many more.