Brandy Day257: We Rock


Sunday spent with some of the coolest people in my world. Got to make an amazing dinner, stuffed mozzarella pesto chicken, Parmesan pasta, sautéd veggies & bread.
I shot this with Mary at my newest favorite hidden gem. She was throwing rocks in the water making cool splashes in the setting sun. 

Brandy Day242: From Scratch


Tonight I cooked dinner, making manicotti from scratch. Surprisingly it was pretty simple, not to mention it turned out amazingly. I also made Alfredo from scratch, my best yet and drizzled it atop the manicotti!!
I enjoy cooking, as it occupies my mind & hands, much like photography.

Chandler Day 225: “Bob Evans Blew My Mind”

photo-9So we went to dinner for Bob Evans today. I’ve always liked the place as my family used to eat there on Sunday mornings all the time. But Hannah wasn’t sure if she had ever been, which was weird, because who hasn’t been? And as she looked over the menu she only got more excited about it. It was pretty funny to watch her and how excited she was. And then she ordered these magnificent pancakes. They tasted  pretty amazing and Hannah proceeded to say “Bob Evans blew my mind”, which was something I’d never think I’d hear.

Chandler Day 179: Surprise

DSC03886Today was another good day. I thought it was just going to be a normal day, but Hannah and my family planned otherwise. Hannah got me out of the house for a bit while my sister and step-mom decorated and Hannah’s family came out. Hannah stalled me by getting in an argument with me and when I got back to the house I was completely surprised to see everything done up and her family there. It was a great night spent with everyone and a lot of fun.


Chandler Day 171: Front-Row Seats

DSC03775I had a goodnight with my sister, mom and step-dad. We had a good dinner, we talked and then we sat on the front porch. I don’t know what it is, but this house has front-row seats to some of the best sunsets. Every night, especially in the summer, there are great sunsets. Beautiful colors, clouds and silhouettes. And tonight was no exception.

Brandy Day149: You Sound Like You’re From London…


After a mildly lousy day yesterday, a decently long day at work, I had a very enjoyable dinner with some great friends! 
A happy life comes in part with the company you keep. You keep happy, healthy, fun people in you’re life that’s bound to be a path you continue down.
Patio dinner, wine, laughter, memories & stories.
Thank you Ben & Nikki G. and Jason W. for all that you’ve done and being part of the amazing support group that surrounds me. Love you guys and here’s to Vegas!!
Though I’m missing my ‘right arm’ I still saw the shot and took it.

Brandy Day109: Easter Eve


Today, like most, I spent the day shooting. We were set to have Easter dinner at my dads around six.
I knew it would be different than most dinners as Nick wouldn’t be able to join due to work. I was bummed, but didn’t realize how much until I took him leftovers at work. Durrty, thank you for being my best friend, biggest rock & protecting me. I love you!