Chandler Day 303: Trick or Treat!

DSC06115Every year at Marian the students decorate their hallways in the dorms for the kids that come trick or treating. They come from the neighborhoods around Marian and some of the professors bring their kids too. Hannah’s floor had a carnival theme and she and her roommate dressed up as a lion and a lion tamer. As usual my floor tried to make their’s as scary as possible, complete with Michael Myers, a rabid wolf, clowns and a pitch black hallway with strobe lights. Needless to say the kids liked Hannah’s floor much more than mine and they had a great time. It was fun watching the kids in their various costumes have a good time.

Chandler Day 12: Back to College

DSC00596Today I moved back into my dorm at Marian University. Classes and a new semester start tomorrow morning. I’m back to college life. I’m hoping this semester will be good. I have a lot of boring gen ed classes to get out of the way and I’m not looking forward to any of them. Despite that I’m hoping things will get better and I’m hoping I will get some things figured out. The picture above is my dorm room (actually clean for once).