Brandy Day263: I Do


It’s funny how things work out. After waking to shoot what was a non existent sunrise, due to the rain that was moving in, I headed back home to spend time with Boston. Shortly after being back home I received a phone call from a local requesting me to assist him in a wedding that he was set to shoot in just a couple hours. What?!?! Things like this don’t happen….do they?! I looked into him and the venue and the wedding party and it was all legit.
It was a beautiful wedding, the sweetest couple and such a fun evening with the chance to meet some awesome people.
This photo was shot on the pier where the reception was held just after the sun had set. So many beautiful colors brought in from the rain earlier in the day. What a beautiful day <3!

Chandler Day 138: Gulls, Terns, & Ducks

DSC03252While we’ve been on vacation, I’ve been able to do a little bit of birding along the beach, and I’ve been able to pick up three lifers. I found a nice Great Black-backed Gull, and then Hannah found a Black Scoter and Least Tern for me. I’ve seen some other good birds and it’s been fun shooting all the gulls, like this Ring-billed Gull above.