Brandy Day281: He Should Have Been Named Lunar :-)


Not sure where to start with this. I was told his name was Freeney. Found out his name is Riggs. He’s 4 years old and lucky to be alive.
I was up early to shoot the lunar eclipse and sunrise. I went to what was familiar, where I knew I’d be able to shoot moonset and sunrise in an opposite field. I noticed him when I first turned down the road. I didn’t know I’d be saving his life just a few minutes later. A car that was going way too fast hit this poor guy. Stopped briefly and just kept going. I did what I had to. At 7am not very many people are around. A homeowner came out and kindly helped get him on a blanket and into the back of my truck. I immediately took him to VCA Animal Hospital. They were able to find him microchipped and tracked down the owners. He was in shock and severe pain as he had a broken pelvis & two broken hips and countless lacerations.
I never got photos of the lunar eclipse nor the sunrise, though I was able to be a part of saving his life.
Thank you to the staff at VCA for being so amazing and all your help. Here’s to a quick recovery with your family and your little boy who’s stoked to have his puppy back home. 

Chandler Day 164: 4:30 A.M. Composition

DSC03699My new job requires me to get up and drive at 4:30 a.m. It’s a little rough getting up that early, but it’s fun seeing the stars still out and having the road to myself. When I got up and drove this morning, the Big Dipper was bright and shining. I sped down 39 in the dark and snapped this shot.

Shot in Hendricks County

Brandy Day100: Life


Very little sleep, with a restless mind and heavy heart. I was up early for work, but early enough to catch the sunrise. Threw on a hoody, shoes & glasses and out I went. Sought out the nearest east facing field and watched. Wondering what today would hold. This is what I found.
Happiness, love, peace…life. Life happened right before me.