Brandy Day168: Good Direction


Sunrise on Washington Park Beach was too epic not to share another photo.
I really love this lighthouse. The way the sun lights it up after a night under the stars. This lighthouse sees the Earth rotate. The sun rise. The sun set. The moon rise. The Earth shift.
This weekend brought light to some important events and decisions that needed to be made.


Brandy Day103: Ninja Turtle


Vegetarian heaven!! Roasted red pepper hummus, avocado, mushroom & feta cheese. Delicious! The glass?! Stella Cider! Not to mention I LOVE the glass says ‘Ruthless’, had I known how true that would hold later in my evening!!
A great Sunday with some of my favorites, good food, beer, live music, cheese bites, hot ladies & ninja turtles in alleys.
‘If we died tonight our last photo would be a selfie’
#classic #ninjaturtle #broadripple #nofireball