Chandler Day 322: Into the Woods

DSC06472The Ecolab is a stunning place. I have probably said that a few times by now, but it really is beautiful. And it can make for wonderful photos. I’m sure I have said that too. But this place is a little gem. While the rest of campus continues to get increasingly boring, there is always something to look at in the Ecolab. It’s great to escape the campus and come down to this place.

Chandler Day 267: Nina Mason Pulliam Ecolab

DSC05230I went to the Ecolab here at Marian to spend some time shooting. This is one of the best things about Marian. It is a beautiful preserve right in Indianapolis that is owned by Marian. It has ponds, wetlands, woodland, and some prairie. It’s is great for birding and has a nice population of beaver. It’s beautiful down here and perfect to escape to. And the best part is that I will be working here soon and one of my jobs will be to take photos of it.

Chandler Day 27: What Keeps Me Going

DSC01097 (2)Photography is my escape. It’s the one thing that keeps me sane. I don’t know what I would do without my camera. I know that no matter how shitty my day is, or however bad I’m feeling or how much drama I’m going through, I can grab my camera and escape. Like today. I felt down, the weather was awful, people tried to tell me how to live and tell me what was right and wrong, and the same bullshit drama I had hoped to escape came back. So I got in my car and I drove. I drove around the west side of Indy. And somehow I found train tracks and I was able to shoot them. And for a little bit I forgot. I forgot about the stress, the drama, the arguing, the cold and the depression and everything was good. It felt great. Shot on the west side of Indianapolis, IN.

Chandler Day 20: Comfort

DSC00934I’ll be blunt. Tonight I felt like shit. Life just kind of piled on top of me again. So I needed something to help me out. I had to force myself to find something comforting. So I grabbed a new book that I had gotten over the weekend. Books have always been a comfort to me. I have always been able to open them up and bury myself in the pages. I dive into the story and forget about everything else. And sometimes it feels so good. To just escape for a little while.