Chandler Day 234: The Final Blow

DSC04274Today they tore down the Art Annex which was adjacent to Fisher Hall and part of the art department. I almost didn’t even notice it, but Hannah was getting great pictures of it and had me come over. So we shot some photos and watched them tear down the last remnants of the art department. Even though this building was old and somewhat run down, it was sad to see it go. It was the last bit of the old art program and it was quickly reduced to rubble, stuffed in a dumpster and trucked away. The area is now being bulldozed and awaits the gravel that will make it a parking lot.

Chandler Day 218: I Hate to See It Go

DSC04150Today I was back at Marian today for an interview and afterwards I thought I would see how Fisher Hall was. Early this year it had a fire and we were told it would be torn down this summer. And today was the day. I watched as an excavator tore apart this hall. And it was sad. This was where almost all of my classes were. This was where I spent my time and I learned the most and had the best professors and shot in my first studio setting late one night. It was where I walked a girl back to her dorm in torrential rain and it was where I fell in love with that girl. It was where I learned to communicate in another language. It was where I talked to the professor that made me decide to come here in the first place. This is literally where everything happened and started and now it’s gone and I can’t help but be sad about that.