Brandy Day237: Puppy Persistence


Oliver thought I should wake up at 6am today. I thought Oliver was crazy and with his persistence I was up and putting shoes on at 630. I was out the door, driving in the warm morning air. The sky started to lighten and the fog that had set in hours before, began to lift from its short slumber.  The country promised such soft contrast.
Thank you for your puppy persistence Oliver, sunrise was stunning.

Chandler Day 231: New Familiarity

DSC04218First day of classes. It’s an interesting feeling and much different than last year. Last year was the first year I had ever gone to a real classroom. So it was terrifyingly new. This year everything is familiar and different at the same time. New things to be learned in old classrooms and taught by professors I’ve already had. A new staircase in an old hall. New paths to be taken on sidewalks I’ve walked hundreds of times.

Brandy Day215: Hates The Sound Goodbyes Make


The brick in this photo is that of an old school that is still partially standing, off a road where I’ve driven the pavement thin. Standing tall in the golden sunlight, this beautiful single flower. Growing among falling bricks & crumbling memories. Perfect within imperfections.
Reminder that what was will never be. Its up to us to see the beauty.