Brandy Day268: Fly Over States


I want to give a huge shout to all the farmers!! Thank you!! The hours you put in, the physical labor you do. We don’t see all that is put into making sure there is successful crop & livestock growth for food and raw materials.
I’ve always enjoyed living in the country. The smell, the farms, the old barns, the cattle & horses. I love when the farmers harvest the fields this time of year! The smell of fresh soil, beans & corn.
The bulk of corn that is produced today is not for food production but more everyday items such as plastic, batteries, cosmetics, cough syrup & diapers to name a few. Most soybeans are processed for their oil as well as protein for the livestock feed industry, however they are also used for human consumption.
Next time you find yourself pissed off behind a tractor or semi, perhaps you should wave in thanks for all they do rather than speeding by in frustration.

Brandy Day226: That Moment When….


Its not very often I shoot and I’m not happy with anything I see or shoot. Tonight was one of those days. What I saw with my naked eye was not what I captured with my lens. The frustration and anxiety behind the is something hard for others to understand. Its like suffocating. I took a quick break and chatted with my brother Nick, trying to clear my ‘spider web’ like mind and shattering heart.
I hit a lonely back road. The sun was nearly melted into the horizon and dusk was approaching on my left. I got out of my truck, lights off, and set up my tri pod to shoot the sky. A road that’s driven maybe a handful of times a week. Rarely ever at night and of course a car turns down this road…..and drives in front of my lens. I thought to myself angrily, ‘Thanks for ruining my shot!!’
This photo was the outcome. I wouldn’t say ruined, rather just what I needed at that moment! 

Chandler Day 168: Accidents Can Be Good Things

DSC03787-2A single, lone post. Old, worn, wrapped in rusted barbed wire. A remnant of a fence long decayed and lost. And growing up all around it, new, orange, wild day lilies. It was a pretty scene. It demanded my attention. Happened upon by complete accident. A little beauty to brighten up the day.

Chandler Day 163: Objects in the Mirror

DSC03690While most people avoid gravel roads, because of the dust and noise, I’m drawn to them. I love the dust, I love having the road to myself. I love the fields, the farm houses, the cows, and the big, open sky. I’ve always found the coolest places and the best shots while exploring gravel roads. I’ve driven down countless roads, countless times. I usually find something interesting. A lot of the time I don’t get shots. It’s usually just me blaring music, speeding down the road, in my own little world. But every now and then I find something fun.

Brandy Day147: Moooove Over


Haha there is nothing special about this photo other than it takes me back to that moment laughing hysterically.
Out looking to shoot sunset, nothing spectacular, just out enjoying the country side and fresh air. As I came down a road I’d shot off of many times I see these cattle. As I get close I realize the one by the pole is on the opposite side of the fence as it should be. I drive back down and tell the farmers that I had passed earlier out in the field. They follow me back down to the cattle, two get out running towards the fence- jumping-escapee yelling at it to jump back over the fence and such. It was the way they did so, in true country farm boy fashion. You better believe that cow jumped right back over the fence and continued grazing. I laughed so hard on my home.
Just a random set of events that I no where near expected that will bring me laughter several more times.
That’s why I shoot.  To capture moments like these.