Chandler Day 236: Parking Garages Can be Creepy

DSC04359For some reason I have always hated parking garages. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t like being underground in them or because I can’t see outside or because you never know who is in them. I don’t know, they have always just freaked me out. So I always avoid parking in them. I always park on the street, even though it can be much more of a hassle. But today I decided to park in a garage as we were downtown and had to be somewhere on time. It didn’t freak me out this time. I suppose I’ve just grown out of that old fear. But they do still look creepy, which can make for a good shot.

Brandy Day227: Fast & Furious


Fortune doesn’t favor those who play it safe. It favors the brave. Risk everything.
‘Like the others say, I could know your pain, but I couldn’t get used to it.’  In the end all the pain will mirror happiness and you will understand why you walked the path you had to, to get to where you are. Don’t let fear determine your future.
Nick, my brother & best friend, to say he gets me would be an understatement. I’d be lost without this kid. He’s walked my path, by my side, sometimes dragging me along the way. Tonight we hit the road & headed south. Speed, music, windows down & country air. It’s what every polluted soul needs.
Thanks for being my best friend, my inspiration.
“Thank you for listening…”

Chandler Day 187: In a Daze

DSC03995Have you ever laid and stared at the ceiling, motionless, just thinking. Just letting thoughts flow. In and out. Thinking about everything. About life and everything in it. Good thoughts and bad thoughts. Dragging those thoughts that you shove in the dark because you are afraid, out into the light to see what they’re made of. You don’t know if it’s the right thing to do, but you do it anyway. Because they swirl around and you just have to make sense of them. It’s not fair that you have those thoughts. The dark ones. But whoever said life was fair?

Brandy Day173: 10 Seconds of Love Trust Fear


I find it more common than not that we share what we are often afraid to disclose about our self, with those close to us.
We don’t disclose our darkest of demons because we live in fear of judgement, betrayal, loss of respect, even if those demons are ones we didn’t create.  Being trapped in your own personal hell of thoughts & emotions will slowly kill what makes you you.
Listening to someone share their thoughts, someone I thought I knew. Seeing someone I care about be so vulnerable. Hurt so badly. Crying with them, not because of their tears but because I could feel the pain in their heart. Their mind. It was just as real to me as it was to them. I wonder how things would be different between us had we gone ‘demon hunting’ together.
I don’t know that I’ve ever hurt for someone the way I hurt for you. Seeing your pain.  This changes nothing, other than making sense of some things. I also happen to love fishing especially with a Snoopy fishing pole!!
I’ll never be able to give you those 10 seconds or more that you often dream of but I can promise you I can give you love & trust. Fear is only felt until you realize the love and trust are real.
Thank you for loving me enough to trust me.

Brandy Day66: Open


So often in life we get burned. Hurt. Let down. Used. Lied to. Its hard to open up again. To trust. Love. Forgive. Believe. We don’t want to let anyone in in fear of the same happening again. No one likes that shitty feeling. The feeling of blaming yourself for the repeated offer of hurt upon your heart.
Just remember you will never know love. Happiness. Joy. Hope. Laughter. Fun. Cloud 9. Until you take that chance. Know with an open heart, hurt and sadness will happen again you just have to learn from it rather than hurt from it. 
Everyday I am reminded to believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’, the belief that ‘like attracts like’.
Shot in black and white because that’s what currently holds my heart. Shot of an abandoned door because at one time, it opened up to happiness, love, laughter and hope.

Brandy Day45: Love Lost


We all view love differently. Our opinions on what love means, what we love, weather we want to love at all and if love truly exists at first sight. We all remember our first love. First true love. That one person that made it hard to fall asleep at night. The one who made you so nervous you couldn’t even be yourself. The one that you constantly checked to see if they called or text. The one who brought a smile to your face even when they weren’t around. You’d do anything to keep them happy, sometimes that also being your biggest fear. Without love we as the human race would lack everything. We wouldn’t know hate, fear, doubt, loss, distance, hope and happiness.
When you love, love with all you have. Push all your chips in and take the gamble. Know you will get hurt, but with that hurt you will gain something within the loss.