Chandler Day 193: Hoosier Summer

DSC04032Today was a real summer day. Rain and then clear skies, a cookout with friends and family, fireworks, bonfire, horseshoes, the pool, laughter and good memories. A great summer day.

Brandy Day185: Independence


Independence Day, a holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain (now part of the UK).
I shot this photo from the 19th floor of the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas standing alongside Nikki who is from the UK. 🙂 We had a great night!! After fireworks at the hotel, we went to Tryst where we had bottle service and did a little dancin’…some would say clubbin’.

Happy Fourth of July!! Thank you to all those who’ve served, protected, currently serving & families who’ve lost so that we may have what we currently love.

Chandler Day 185: Happy Birthday of America!

20140705-151914-55154194.jpgI spent the 4th with Hannah and her family and friends. It was a good day with good people, good fireworks and good drinks. We celebrated it the way it should be. With friends and family. So Happy Birthday America and thank you to everyone that helped make this country.

Chandler Day 184: I Thought You Had Left, Why Are You Back?

DSC03976It was one of those days. Good and bad mixed together. It was hard to say whether it was a good day or a bad day. Lots of shit on my mind. School, work, money, bills, life. But also the sky, a book, the corn, Her, fireworks, and laughter. I read a book by my favorite author and was happy and an hour later some thoughts that I wish I didn’t have, but I do have, creeped in again and darkened everything. Things I know I shouldn’t think, but I do anyway. I don’t think I can help it. It’s just me. These days come and go though. The day passes and you simply wish that tomorrow will have more good and less bad.