Chandler Day 218: I Hate to See It Go

DSC04150Today I was back at Marian today for an interview and afterwards I thought I would see how Fisher Hall was. Early this year it had a fire and we were told it would be torn down this summer. And today was the day. I watched as an excavator tore apart this hall. And it was sad. This was where almost all of my classes were. This was where I spent my time and I learned the most and had the best professors and shot in my first studio setting late one night. It was where I walked a girl back to her dorm in torrential rain and it was where I fell in love with that girl. It was where I learned to communicate in another language. It was where I talked to the professor that made me decide to come here in the first place. This is literally where everything happened and started and now it’s gone and I can’t help but be sad about that.

Chandler Day 128: This is Where it Started

fisherphotoThis is where it all started. In Fisher Hall. On our last day of our Freshman year we went to Fisher Hall before we left. This is where we met. We were taking Basic Drawing together in the first semester. I had seen her only one other time, at out orientation. I thought she was beautiful when I saw her, but I just figured I probably wouldn’t see her again and I didn’t stand a chance with her. So I was really excited when I saw her on my first day of that class. This is where we first talked to each other. This is where we stood watching the rain come down in sheets one day and I offered to walk her back to her dorm, all the way on the other side of campus, in the pouring rain under my umbrella. I got soaked walking her back, but it was unbelievably worth it. Because it was me walking her back in the rain that gave me a chance. And here we are almost six months later in the place where it all started.


Chandler Day 127: Fisher Hall

DSC02835So this is Fisher Hall. Well, part of it. The creepy part of Fisher Hall to be exact. There’s kind of three sections. The very old part, which has a gallery and offices, the newer part with all the classrooms and the basement which is for the art people, and which contains the creepy part. Honestly the section for the Art majors is kind of shitty but I love it. I love Fisher Hall. It’s where I spend most of my time and I have some good memories here. Some important stuff happened in this hall. And sadly it’s going to be torn down this summer. There was a fire in part of it,and now they have to tear down the whole building. It’s sad and I will really miss this weird, confusing, and kinda creepy builidng.