Chandler Day 248: Time to Get Knocked Off My Pedestal

DSC04744A portrait. A good portrait. Or so I thought. I liked this photo and several others I did of Hannah and Alyee. And when I presented them they got torn apart. So have a lot of my other photos, but for some reason it bugged me a little more this time. Maybe because I genuinely thought they were good. I don’t know. I’m not used to criticism. I’ve always just been told my work was good. And now I get told differently. But I can’t argue ¬†with the criticism. I see the flaws. I see where I messed up and could have done better. Turn it this way, crop here, avoid that object, open up these shadows, step back, look this way, lighten it, darken it. I need it. But it certainly is a new experience. And that fall from the pedestal isn’t very fun.