Chandler Day 140: Fly

DSC03321I always love being able to see Brown Pelicans. They are amazing birds. Everything from their specialized bill, to their hunting ability to their flight. I love watching them. I love seeing them fly up high, then plunge, fearlessly, straight down into the water to catch a fish. I love watching a flock glide, low over the water, weaving their way through the incoming waves. They’re incredible.

A flock of them flying high over Myrtle Beach, SC.


Brandy Day51:


We all have lines. Boundaries. We can handle only so much. After that we fall apart, break at the bend. This can go good or bad.
Things are going well. Perfect. You find a new hobby, new dish you love or a new love. You spend too much time doing the hobby, eating the new dish or too much time with the new love. Things become old and no longer ‘new’.
Things are going poorly. Everything that could go wrong, has. It seems to be one thing after the other. No end in sight and the light at the end of the tunnel has burned out.
You could give up. Show your weak. State that nothing is worth fighting for. Then be mad that you gave up your fight….OR fight. Everything worth having is worth the fight. So fight. Fight for what you love, fight for what you want and walk away know you did all that you could.
Shot on a back road parallel to interstate 69.