Chandler Day 329: Beautiful Buildings

SONY DSCI have continued to look through old photos and found another old favorite from last year. This was from another exploring trip downtown. Last year I would hop in my car to escape school and drive to the center of Indy. I got a lot of great shots and became much more comfortable with the city. It was a great time and a lot of fun. And it got some great shots for me.

Brandy Day252: Ed (Not The Horse)


What a beautiful start to the day!!  Watched the sun rise with this beefcake until Ed crashed our party.  Ed is the property owner who wasn’t a fan of me parking in the lane and asked that I park on the side of the road if I were to continue taking photos of his horses…and made certain that I knew NOT to feed them.  What?!?!  Is this the zoo?  I don’t carry horse treats in my truck, only dog bones.  I explained I was a photographer and his horses and property looked stunning against the colors and fog.  I politely apologized to grouchy Ed and requested he have a great day!  I got the shots I needed as the sun was rising above the fog, got my things around and headed back home.  My hope is that Ed looked at the morning differently and indeed had a better day!

Brandy Day237: Puppy Persistence


Oliver thought I should wake up at 6am today. I thought Oliver was crazy and with his persistence I was up and putting shoes on at 630. I was out the door, driving in the warm morning air. The sky started to lighten and the fog that had set in hours before, began to lift from its short slumber.  The country promised such soft contrast.
Thank you for your puppy persistence Oliver, sunrise was stunning.

Brandy Day230: Opposites Attract


Red & green. Stop & go. Bright stars in the dark sky. What a day.
Chatting with a friend who turns out is more like me than I’d ever thought. For this opportunity I am so grateful. Yes, these are the same tracks I was just kicked off of ;-).
A quiet night on the tracks as the heavy fog began to set in, leaving a slight chill in the air.

Chandler Day 203: I Don’t Want to Leave

photo 1This morning was hard. I didn’t want to wake up. I had to convince myself to listen to my alarm. I had to tell myself that yes, I do need to show up to work. I have to leave her and this warm bed for lumber and hard work. I wasn’t happy, but I did it. And I was greeted by a pretty sunrise and fog over the cornfields. It was a small little gift to try and make the day a little bit better.

Chandler Day 32: Change

DSC01233 (2)More train tracks,I know. But I love them. And these made me stop today. I was driving rather fast because I was late for a double date, but I saw this and I had to stop. The fog was beautiful and creepy and it worked great with these tracks. I love fog. It adds so much to everything around you. I’ve shot these tracks several times before, but they looked so different in the fog. It’s amazing how a scene can change with the environment around it. How weather, and light, and moisture can completely change how you see something. One day these tracks were covered in pure white snow, with a clear blue sky behind and full sun lighting them. And today they were wet and dark and covered in mist and fog. I love this change. It makes you keep your eyes open. It makes you continuously look at something to see how it changes. It makes you adapt and look for new shots. It can hard and sometimes very frustrating, but sometimes, like today, it can really pay off.

Chandler Day 10: Through The Fog

DSC00573On my way home today I took the back roads, which are always my favorite to take. I drove through slush, thick fog, rain, standing water and loose gravel. My car was pulled every which way and I nearly went off the road. I could hardly do twenty mph. All around me was the same scenery I had seen countless times before. But today it was different. The fog and the snow made it look different. So I took this photo above. And then I got to thinking. I thought about how I’ve felt lately, and the thoughts that have been running around in my head. I’ve got a lot of things to think about, and things to figure out, and feelings to understand, and some days I feel like I’m in a fog, like the fog I drove through today. I can barely see ahead of me and things are pulling me all around and some days I feel like I’m waist deep in slush, barely able to move. But I made it home today. My little Honda Civic got me home. And I guess, way back in the back of my mind, I know I can get through the fog and the slush, no matter how thick it is.