Brandy Day200: I Need A Bean Field!


Watching the sun melt on a back country road with the sweet smell of corn and freshly turned soil.
Most don’t understand the satisfaction or the comfort I get when doing this. Nothing but freedom. You can keep your thoughts or go empty minded. There is too much to focus on when you have time and open roads.
I challenge you to try this one evening. Find some country roads, roll the windows down, get your favorite jams going and just drive.

Brandy Day146: Free


Free. Like to curtains blowing in the wind.  Memorial Day originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union & Confederate soldiers who died in war.. Some gave all, their life, family & what they believed in.  Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving.  Its because of them we have times like these.
Memorial Monday dinners with family & friends. Love, laughter, happiness and memories.
Thank you. To all those who serve. Thank you to those who served. Thank you to those who will serve. We appreciate all that you do.

Brandy Day145: Fly Over


Happy Race Day Indy 500 fans!!!
The first flyover took place in 1918 over Fenway Park in Boston at the start of the World Series to symbolize to the crowd the strength and sophistication of the military during World War 1, however it was pigeons.
Flyovers are now done after the national anthem & before outdoor events such as races, football games & baseball games.
Tradition. Thank you to pilots then and now. For all who’ve fought for our freedom and right to enjoy days like today!

Chandler Day 107: Clouds

DSC02499As I drove to work, windows down, sunroof open, wind blowing, sun shining, I looked up and saw the clouds. I’ve always loved the clouds. Staring up, watching them float by. Up there in their own huge world. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I always wanted to get up on top of the clouds. I always imagined being able to get up to them and lay on them. To be up there in the world of clouds. Way up above this world, able to go wherever they please, literally driven by the wind, floating, flying by. Open and free.

Brandy Day96: M.E.H.


This photo reminds me of my childhood. The reason I’m drawn to train tracks. My grandma lived next to tracks. She made everything better. So sensible. A strong, loving, caring & beautiful woman.
I feel a sense of freedom. Standing there looking into the endless existence.
This particular track is about 12 stories above a lake. 90 years old. Solid. How was something so complex built so long ago.
It amazes me how we are where we are from where we’ve come.
Today was a fantastic day! Some great conversation, willingness, friendship & country roads. Lots of country roads <3! 

Brandy Day95: Sunny Moon


I love seeing both the sun and moon! Its such a big world we live in and to see this its a reminder. Reminds me that life and this works is so much more than who we are as people. Anything is possible when you put forth the effort, fight and will.
Shot mid day with both the sun & moon on my side.