Brandy Day214: My Boys


Jesse, ‘Storm’, Jason & Ben. I love these boys! Most wouldn’t, but I consider myself lucky to call them mine. These boys have been friends for years through school, girlfriends, drunken nights, roommates & many Vegas trips. Ben and his wife are leaving for the UK for some time, allowing Ben to continue his schooling.
Having friends deeply rooted as these boys makes for a lifetime of memories, laughter, tears & good freakin’ times, however it makes goodbyes difficult.
We will be holdin’ it down here in The States upon your return & we wish you kids the best of luck!!

Brandy Day204: The Sky Is Falling!!


A beautiful evening on the patio with family & friends. I really enjoy evenings such as these. Being outside with the fresh air, sun shining, summer breeze wrapping around my bare skin. The sun sets behind me while I enjoy the smiles of those in front of me. I can’t help but be distracted by this, like so many of us during trials of our life. We cannot focus on what’s behind us when we have endless possibilities in front of us. Moments that offer happiness and satisfaction.
Remember the sun will rise tomorrow offering new opportunities and the breeze will gently blow the pain away that lingers from second & third chances.

Chandler Day 177: Polaroids, Soccer & Trains

DSC03885Another day spent in Indy. We went camera shopping, had dinner and watched the World Cup, took a walk along the Circle, ran into a friend, shot the skyline, went to a park, climbed up onto an old train bridge and shot the train as it crawled along it’s tracks. Another great day. New cameras. New shots. New memories. I love days like these and I look forward to the countless more that we’ll have together.

Brandy Day108: Down This Road Before


Every time you say something to me that has hurt you in the past, I try and promise you something better. Something fun for you to look forward to. I can’t make guarantees but I can give you my word.
My word can be proven or disproven in the future.
Promise Road.

Brandy Day93: Lookin Back


Looking back on where I’ve been, what I’ve done, been through, overcome & failed. Wow what a wild ride. Moments I never thought I’d make it through only to come out of them to tackle more.
We’ve all been there. Looking back on what made us. What brought us here, to our current being. Its important to look back, learn, laugh, even cry. Never dwell. Had been, what ifs, could haves & should haves will NEVER be so don’t waste your time on them. What is, will bes and cannot waits are what lies ahead.
Shot lookin back on the sunset after a spring storm in Midwest IN.

Brandy Day44: Old Ground


One of my favorites. An old school house. It has so much missing but holds more secrets than we will ever know. This place holds meaning to me from years past. Old art stains the inside once pristine walls, windows the mirrored reflections are now missing and the once solid brick foundation is falling. Much like life. Savor as much as you can with a photo. I wish I had taken more years before.
Shot on Cyntheanne under an audience of stars.