Brandy Day68: Quiet on the Set!!!


Road tripped it with my two brothers and their girlfriends to Gary IN, once dubbed the murder capitol of the world. Such a beautiful place with so much history. To have walked through and shot such amazing architecture, I could only imagine what it looked like in its lively state. Its a shame that we have allowed such beauty to decay and spoil.
This was shot in the Gary Methodist Church. Built in 1910, standing 9 stories once holding a congregation of 3,000 people every Sunday. In 2011 over 50 movies were filmed at this church. Transformer’s 3 & Nightmare on Elm Street were also filmed here.
Such a true message, Go Where You Love. Be happy. That’s the biggest struggle we face.

Chandler Day 68: Roadtrip to Gary, IN

DSC01961Today was a great day. It started out in a Waffle House early this morning in Pendleton. Me, Hannah, Brandy, Nick and Mary met up there and had breakfast. From there we headed to Gary. We were running on about two hours of sleep but we weren’t going to let that slow us down. We were driving all the way to Gary to shoot some abandoned buildings there. We started with an abandoned train station. The building was great, but very eerie. It was filled with graffiti and fliers of missing people. One bit of graffiti that kept reoccurring was “The Rest Are Dead” in red paint on the walls. There was also this very dark hallway that none of us really wanted to go in. That is where the picture above was taken. After walking on the railroad and watching several trains go by, we moved on to the next building. That building  was an old church. We explored this large building for quite some time as there were several levels and a basement. It was perfect for shooting. Then we moved onto an abandoned theater, which was slightly terrifying. For some reason everyone got a weird vibe from the heavily decayed building. We got a few shots there and then quickly moved on to an old school building. A few shots there and then we wrapped up the trip by driving by a house that had apparently contained demons and the family that lived there was possessed at one time.  It was a great road trip. We got some great shots, had a lot of fun, saw some very creepy things, and made it out of Gary in one piece.