Brandy Day213: Old Habits Die Hard


Friday nights at The Gathering, what was also known as Michaels Southshore. I loved my Friday nights there. Hanover Chase always played and all my regulars seated around the bar, bartending with Nick. Oh the memories, the laughter, the music & the fiends.
Ownership switched a year ago today. It was a hard transition. Hanover Chase plays once a month here still. Tonight was that night. It was so great walking in, seeing so many familiar faces. Listening to great music with deep meaning. Hugs from almost everyone in there, the band even stopped 🙂
Its moments like these when you realize just how many lives you’ve touched. #heyjealousy #wagonwheel #hanoverchase

Chandler Day 36: Clare Hall

DSC01291 (3)This is Clare Hall 3 Main. This is my hall. It’s my home. I live, work, study and play in this hall. I’ve had a lot of good times here. Huge parties, cops called, people arrested, golf, frisbee, bike races, intense games of Madden, chair-in’s, late nights and loud music. I love my hall. It’s not perfect and there’s been plenty of problems, but it’s still pretty great.