Chandler Day 195: A Day of Storms

DSC04014Today it stormed. And it stormed a lot. It’s fun to watch these storms roll in and then unleash all their pent up energy and roll out. They are powerful incredible things. They bring rain and lightening and winds. They are necessary and healthy and dangerous all at the same time.

Chandler Day 86: Rain Drops


Today seemed like the first real spring rain. The sky clouded up and you could feel it coming. Finally rain instead of snow. I love the rain. I love watching it pour down, in sheets, the sky emptying itself. And the way the air feels afterwards. The smell of rain and wet dirt. The sound of water droplets falling from trees and buildings. The sound of tires on wet pavement. The cooled wet air on your skin. The rain itself falling and hitting your skin. The way everything is darkened, turned more vibrant. Rain involves all of our senses. It forces every part of us to pay attention. To pay attention to itself and the world around us.

Chandler Day 10: Through The Fog

DSC00573On my way home today I took the back roads, which are always my favorite to take. I drove through slush, thick fog, rain, standing water and loose gravel. My car was pulled every which way and I nearly went off the road. I could hardly do twenty mph. All around me was the same scenery I had seen countless times before. But today it was different. The fog and the snow made it look different. So I took this photo above. And then I got to thinking. I thought about how I’ve felt lately, and the thoughts that have been running around in my head. I’ve got a lot of things to think about, and things to figure out, and feelings to understand, and some days I feel like I’m in a fog, like the fog I drove through today. I can barely see ahead of me and things are pulling me all around and some days I feel like I’m waist deep in slush, barely able to move. But I made it home today. My little Honda Civic got me home. And I guess, way back in the back of my mind, I know I can get through the fog and the slush, no matter how thick it is.