Chandler Day 343: Autumn & Kaleb

DSC 25This is Autumn and Kaleb, Dustin and Jennifer’s daughter and son. Autumn was the first grandchild in the family and the first niece. I had become an uncle and it was fun having new people in the family. I remember holding both of them in the hospitals, excited to have a niece and a nephew. It has been fun watching them grow up and it is incredible that they are this big already. They are both very smart kids. They are very ornery and funny (I wonder who they get if from), and they are great kids. I love the both of them and I can’t wait to see what they grow up to be.

Chandler Day 144: Autumn & Kaleb

DSC03553This is my niece Autumn and my nephew Kaleb. Today I got to spend most of the day with them. It was nice, since I rarely get to see them. It’s crazy how big they’re getting. It’s been fun watching them grow up. I remember being at the hospital for both of them and getting to hold them for the first time. Autumn is growing up to be a sweet girl and Kaleb is just like his dad. He is definitely ornery. I had to force him to take this picture, and that was after him running around the yard, refusing, and even climbing a tree, to avoid the picture. Luckily Autumn helped corral him and I got this quick shot.