Brandy Day166: So Close Yet So Far Away..

Needed some time away from ‘life’, so I took a drive. Headed north to a place I’d recently seen photos of, Michigan City, Indiana. I must admit, I’m slightly upset that I’m just now seeing this part of Indiana for … Continue reading

Brandy Day112: Gypsy Soul


Tonight I learned. I learned to be a kid again. I learned just how much I matter in other peoples lives. Love & happiness are what we make it. Some of the most simple moments are the best moments. There is something perfect about stars, tracks & quiet air. Waffle House & Van Morrison are perfect together at 2am. I have a gypsy soul.  Honesty is what it is, don’t fight it. I have a story and I need to share it. Sharing moments can mean more than sharing words.
Getting what you want and need comes to you when you least expect it.