Chandler Day 218: I Hate to See It Go

DSC04150Today I was back at Marian today for an interview and afterwards I thought I would see how Fisher Hall was. Early this year it had a fire and we were told it would be torn down this summer. And today was the day. I watched as an excavator tore apart this hall. And it was sad. This was where almost all of my classes were. This was where I spent my time and I learned the most and had the best professors and shot in my first studio setting late one night. It was where I walked a girl back to her dorm in torrential rain and it was where I fell in love with that girl. It was where I learned to communicate in another language. It was where I talked to the professor that made me decide to come here in the first place. This is literally where everything happened and started and now it’s gone and I can’t help but be sad about that.

Chandler Day 36: Clare Hall

DSC01291 (3)This is Clare Hall 3 Main. This is my hall. It’s my home. I live, work, study and play in this hall. I’ve had a lot of good times here. Huge parties, cops called, people arrested, golf, frisbee, bike races, intense games of Madden, chair-in’s, late nights and loud music. I love my hall. It’s not perfect and there’s been plenty of problems, but it’s still pretty great.