Brandy Day227: Fast & Furious


Fortune doesn’t favor those who play it safe. It favors the brave. Risk everything.
‘Like the others say, I could know your pain, but I couldn’t get used to it.’  In the end all the pain will mirror happiness and you will understand why you walked the path you had to, to get to where you are. Don’t let fear determine your future.
Nick, my brother & best friend, to say he gets me would be an understatement. I’d be lost without this kid. He’s walked my path, by my side, sometimes dragging me along the way. Tonight we hit the road & headed south. Speed, music, windows down & country air. It’s what every polluted soul needs.
Thanks for being my best friend, my inspiration.
“Thank you for listening…”

Chandler Day 76: All Clear

DSC02177I recently got a new job that I work every evening. Its hard work but I’m getting used to it. It pays well and I finally be able to start affording things. But it’s nice. It certainly keeps me from getting bored in the evenings and it lets me clear my head. I go into work, work hard for a while and my head is clear and things just work themselves out. I don’t know why. It just kinda relieves my stress for some reason. And then I have a nice drive home on empty highways. I wasn’t having the best day today, it being Monday, and I was stressed and upset about things. But after work I was calm and happy. I was in a much better mood and it allowed me to apologize to someone that I had hurt.