Chandler Day 158: Clifty Falls

DSC03641Today I spent most of the day hiking around Clifty Falls State Park with Nick, Mary and Hannah. We hiked over 8 miles of trails and had a lot of fun. Most of it was through a river bed. The scenery was beautiful and peaceful and the company was great. It was a fun little adventure and we got to see some cool stuff. I look forward to more hikes through the summer.

Brandy Day92: Sittin on the Dock


Summertime! Where is it? I live in IN, I get the seasons change, but its been a dreadfully long winter! I love Angry Orchard by Sam Adams. Its crisp and delicious! Reminds me of summer & happiness!! Even Lilly has cabin fever. Looking forward to hitting the trails with her soon.
Sittin on the dock of the cove on Giest

Chandler Day 49: A Beautiful Day

DSC01589Today was a beautiful day. It got up to about 45 degrees and it felt amazing out. And because my afternoon class got canceled I was able to be outside. I went to Holliday Park and took a nice walk there and then moved onto the Ecolab here at Marian. I was able to go birding there. It felt great to get back outside and start birding again. It had been almost fourth months since I last went birding, or even hiking for that matter. The sun was shining, the Cardinals and Chickadees were calling, and the sky was clear. I found some good birds and just as I was ending my hike I found this guy. He was climbing around a tree and playing in the melting snow, happy for the warm weather. He let me get a few shots and then went on his way. It was a nice end to a beautiful day outside.