Brandy Day219: See Through My Reflection


I find it captivating how we see ourselves differently than how others see us.
Personally, when I look in the mirror or see my reflection, I see me, the road I’ve been down. I see the scars, the tears, the weight I’ve carried & the mistakes I’ve made. I see the love I’ve held onto and the hurt I’ve let go of. I see the person I wanted to be. I see a fighter. I see hope & inspiration.
Its true we choose our paths. However, we are not always allowed to choose the road. Its OK, I enjoy the change in scenery!

Brandy Day178: Take It All In


As the sun sets on another day I remind myself tomorrow is not promised. Have you ever just sat and watched the sun set?! Taking it all in. Just look at this photo for awhile. The quiet scene. The nature. The growing ivy climbing up the tree. The movement of the water in rhythmic motion. The clouds rushing the sun into hiding. The sun bursting through the bark on the side of the tree. The sound of crickets chattering as night becomes alive.
‘How beautiful is it to live in a world where nothing lasts forever. We must learn to fall in love with the love inside us, only then every moment living will be worth dying for.’ (R.M. Drake)

Brandy Day171: John Olvey


This man. John Olvey. (Boston’s Papo) Where do I even begin. John has seen me at my highest of highs and lowest of lows. Hugged me while laughing and wiped my tears as they fell. He’s the definition of loyalty, honesty, love & faithfulness. If your blessed enough to be part of his family he would move mountains for you. If you’re not ‘in’, you better never hurt someone he loves. As one of my main support beams in an uneasy foundation, John has helped me through so much.
To say I owe him would be an understatement. I will never be able to repay this man for all the good he’s brought to my life. Everyday I am thankful that you play such a huge role in my life. I love you Gator.

Brandy Day166: So Close Yet So Far Away..

Needed some time away from ‘life’, so I took a drive. Headed north to a place I’d recently seen photos of, Michigan City, Indiana. I must admit, I’m slightly upset that I’m just now seeing this part of Indiana for … Continue reading

Brandy Day134: Y.O.L.O.


Driving down State Road 19 when I had to stop and turn around to grab this photo. No truer words have been shared.
Live everyday fully. Tomorrow is not yours. Cherish every moment as though it will never present itself again. I’m not saying ‘you only live once, do dumb things’, I am however saying live wisely.  Live peacefully.

Brandy Day121: Ready For The World


Every two weeks I find myself here. Sitting. Waiting. Hoping. Doctors are nothing new for me. Familiar to the point of annoyance. Hospitals, just the same. I’ve fought my way through. Ten surgeries solidified the end of one ailment and the beginning of another. Its almost habitual now. To be there. Know the routine. The “hurry up and wait” moment. I don’t mind it so much now as I did then. The hardest is watching the kids come through. Hearing their quiet sobs because they don’t understand what is going on or why they go through the pain. If I could, I would take it all on for them.
Thank you to all health care professionals for taking the time to study, learn, love, care, hope & treat.

Brandy Day83: Midnight Skies


The free feeling, windows down, radio up, camera in hand, dog in the back & alone with your thoughts. Freedom & captivity at its finest. Driving roads that were once foreign. Thoughts…that trail off. The often distraction of a neat shot or the thought of its existence.
Sometimes being alone with your thoughts is worse than having a gun in a crowded area.
What do you mostly think of?
When thoughts become as clear as the billowing smoke in the dark night sky to rise with the stars only to disappear. The realization. The tears build, close enough to fall over the bottom of your eyes, you swallow hoping that will stop the inevitable.

Brandy Day66: Open


So often in life we get burned. Hurt. Let down. Used. Lied to. Its hard to open up again. To trust. Love. Forgive. Believe. We don’t want to let anyone in in fear of the same happening again. No one likes that shitty feeling. The feeling of blaming yourself for the repeated offer of hurt upon your heart.
Just remember you will never know love. Happiness. Joy. Hope. Laughter. Fun. Cloud 9. Until you take that chance. Know with an open heart, hurt and sadness will happen again you just have to learn from it rather than hurt from it. 
Everyday I am reminded to believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’, the belief that ‘like attracts like’.
Shot in black and white because that’s what currently holds my heart. Shot of an abandoned door because at one time, it opened up to happiness, love, laughter and hope.

Chandler Day 30: In a Perfect World

DSC01190 (3)I saw this painted on the side of a building in a run down part of Indy’s east side. I had been driving around that neighborhood looking for today’s shot and happened upon this. Luckily I was at a stoplight so I was able to get this shot. It was the title that struck me at first and made me take the picture. But it was the writing that made me choose it for today’s photo. I liked the people’s responses. The best one was “People Don’t Survive. They Live.” It made me think about a perfect world. And it made me a little sad that these things will probably never come true. Because there never will be a perfect world. There will always be struggles, failure, sin, evil, sorrow, pain, betrayal and loss. But people keep going anyway. Day by day, we make it through life. And every day you hope that there will be something good that made that day worth living.