Brandy Day268: Fly Over States


I want to give a huge shout to all the farmers!! Thank you!! The hours you put in, the physical labor you do. We don’t see all that is put into making sure there is successful crop & livestock growth for food and raw materials.
I’ve always enjoyed living in the country. The smell, the farms, the old barns, the cattle & horses. I love when the farmers harvest the fields this time of year! The smell of fresh soil, beans & corn.
The bulk of corn that is produced today is not for food production but more everyday items such as plastic, batteries, cosmetics, cough syrup & diapers to name a few. Most soybeans are processed for their oil as well as protein for the livestock feed industry, however they are also used for human consumption.
Next time you find yourself pissed off behind a tractor or semi, perhaps you should wave in thanks for all they do rather than speeding by in frustration.

Brandy Day252: Ed (Not The Horse)


What a beautiful start to the day!!  Watched the sun rise with this beefcake until Ed crashed our party.  Ed is the property owner who wasn’t a fan of me parking in the lane and asked that I park on the side of the road if I were to continue taking photos of his horses…and made certain that I knew NOT to feed them.  What?!?!  Is this the zoo?  I don’t carry horse treats in my truck, only dog bones.  I explained I was a photographer and his horses and property looked stunning against the colors and fog.  I politely apologized to grouchy Ed and requested he have a great day!  I got the shots I needed as the sun was rising above the fog, got my things around and headed back home.  My hope is that Ed looked at the morning differently and indeed had a better day!

Chandler Day 240: Quit Horsin’ Around

DSC04547Today I went back home for a little bit and visited with my family and the pets, including Shae. It was kind of odd being there knowing we wouldn’t be at this place for much longer. So I went out to the pasture and spent some time with Shae. It’s always been one of my favorite places to be there. I gave her some treats, which she obviously enjoyed and petted her. Shae has always been a great pet, always wanting to be loved and get treats and she will just stand there listening to you and rub her head on you.

Brandy Day179: Belle, Dakota & Tim


I was out shooting sunset as usual when I happened upon this site 🙂
As I drove by,  I hesitated on getting out and taking the photo, but as I debated I knew that I would forever regret not getting it. So I found myself out of my truck and walking toward this gentleman.
Very nice and handsome cowboy 😉 He rescued Belle from the ‘wild’ and she’s about 2. She is the Burro better known as a donkey. Tim also rescued Dakota from the wild at the age of 3 and he is now 8. He is a Mustang. Tim was just out riding, training Belle, smoking a cigar and watching the sunset ❤
I loved seeing this!!! Thank you for stopping your sunset ride and chatting!

Chandler Day 59: Home

DSC01763I got to go home today. I guess I leave Marian a lot on the weekends, but usually I’m at my Dad’s or I’m at Hannah’s house. But today I got to go home and see my little sister and spend the day there with her, which was very nice. It had been a while since I had last seen her. We didn’t do anything special, but it was nice. It was a bit like before I moved out. We sat there on the couch watching Spongebob and trying to ignore our very loud and sometimes obnoxious St. Bernard. And I also got to ride my horse which I hadn’t done in a while. And I had a great dinner with my mom and step-dad when they came home.  I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s just nice to be home again sometimes. I got to spend the day with some of my family and my pets and I had a home-cooked meal, and there were these great spring flowers on the table, and it was home. I guess I focused on the flowers because there are usually flowers in the house and I always use to sit and shoot them, like I did today.

Brandy Day50: Horsin’ Around


While driving today this little beefcake caught my eye. He was chasing his partner around the pasture, kicking up snow having a great time. So beautiful running and playing. Such ease and grace.
My mother has always loved horses. She’d always dreamt of having a paint, like the one shown above, since she was a child. A few years ago that came true and she got her black and white painted horse named Shadow. Shadow passed last summer while I was on my road trip. I was in the Badlands when I got the call from her. It was from then on, my mission to find and photograph paints. (I made her a calendar for Christmas of them)
Shot in the country of Lapel IN for my MoMmY.

Chandler Day 40: Shae

DSC01359 (2)This is Shae. She’s an eighteen year old Quarter horse that we’ve had for about five years now. She’s a beautiful horse and a great pet. I love this horse. I love to go out to the pasture to pet her and talk to her. She’ll just stand there and rub her head against me, happy to have someone giving her attention. I feel completely comfortable around her. I’ve never been scared to ride her, though I’ve watched her throw other people off of her. She can be ornery and a pain in the ass sometimes, but she’s a great horse.