Chandler Day 311: An Interesting Day

DSC06348So today was interesting to say the least. It started off nice as some of my classes were canceled. I took one of the easiest Survey tests I have taken and then I got to go on a great date with Hannah. We went to the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the IMA which was very nice and then we went out to dinner. I got to relax for a while and then I went to help a friend with a photography assignment. We had to practically move the studio to another building to set up her shot. In the middle of it though things took a different direction. I got a text saying Hannah was going to hospital with her parents. Which scared me to death. So I ran across campus and went to the hospital with her. It was an issue with her bleeding disorder and we had to go to the ER. For an emergency room they were quite slow and we didn’t leave until almost 3 a.m. In the middle of it all there were also shooter on the loose running around in the area of the hospital. It was a crazy day. It was scary too. I know it’s cliché, but you really find out how much you love someone in situations like this. Getting that text was one of the scariest things I got. I immediately started shaking. It luckily ended up not being anything all that serious, but still it was scary. You realize how important that person is. It was awful waiting and wondering what was going on. It was great to get out of there, knowing she was safe and okay.

Chandler Day 283: Get Better Soon Professor Foley

DSC04650So this is an older photo, but there’s a reason I’m using this. Today when I went to my photography class, Professor Foley wasn’t there. It was odd because he is never late and always early. So we waited and ten minutes went by, then fifteen, then twenty and we got worried. This was completely unlike him, especially since we had a paper due and a test to take. So we tried calling him, no answer. We then contacted the rest of the art department and another professor got the police to check on him. They found and he was very disoriented and unwell. They took him to the hospital where they found he had a high fever and an infection. He is still in the hospital to my knowledge but is getting better. He was still kind of out of it and he has some memory loss but hopefully he will be better and back at it soon. Apparently the infection may have come from when he was bitten by a dog while trying to protect his dog, Sophie. It was very scary but he should be better soon. Keep this great guy in your thoughts and prayers.

Brandy Day121: Ready For The World


Every two weeks I find myself here. Sitting. Waiting. Hoping. Doctors are nothing new for me. Familiar to the point of annoyance. Hospitals, just the same. I’ve fought my way through. Ten surgeries solidified the end of one ailment and the beginning of another. Its almost habitual now. To be there. Know the routine. The “hurry up and wait” moment. I don’t mind it so much now as I did then. The hardest is watching the kids come through. Hearing their quiet sobs because they don’t understand what is going on or why they go through the pain. If I could, I would take it all on for them.
Thank you to all health care professionals for taking the time to study, learn, love, care, hope & treat.