Chandler Day 348: Wishing for Snow

DSC00214So the weather has not been the greatest this December. It hasn’t been that cold, but it has been very gloomy and rainy. It certainly isn’t the best Christmas weather. But I came across this photo that I took last summer. It was one of the first photos with my new camera. The snow that day was beautiful. Hopefully we will get some of this weather soon.

Chandler Day 325: Ice Blue

DSC06462The great palette of blues, whites and grey is another benefit of winter. Unlike a lot of people I usually like winter. Now, I have my limits and I don’t like the freezing, bitter cold that Indiana can get, but overall winter is a great time. I like the cold better than the heat anyway. And the photos can be great during the winter. So I was excited when I was treated early to the ice, reflections and blue skies in the photo above.

Chandler Day 71: This Damn Weather

DSC02106This weather is beginning to make me mad. One day the ¬†weather is nice and it’s starting to get warm and you think spring is coming and then the next it’s blowing wind, freezing rain and snow. I woke up and looked out the window to see this mess. Even the window was covered in ice. Shot in at the farm in Lebanon, where spring still hasn’t come.

Brandy Day58: Cold Comfort


When in pain or fear. Discomfort or stress. I run to what makes sense. What comforts me or eases me. Photography. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, rain, snow, night or day I need to shoot. Its my escape. I find this place to be beautifully comforting. I accidentally found it last October while headed to pick up  flash (randomly enough). I find myself out here often, though it’s some distance from my house. A scenic pond surrounded by trees and thoughts.
Shot on a blue sky, sharp sun, white clouds kind of day in Anderson IN

Chandler Day 46: Frozen

DSC01515 (2)More snow. It seems like this snow will never end. Indianapolis got several inches of snow that turned driving into a nightmare on Valentine’s day and then today, just as the roads were clear, it started to snow again. Normally I love winter, but I can’t wait for it to get warm. I can’t wait to see this snow melt away. It was kind of ironic tonight. I went with Hannah to see the Disney movie Frozen. And as we came out of the theater it was snowing pretty heavily and I had to brush a good inch of snow off my car. This shot was taken inside my car in Avon, IN as I waited for it to warm up.