Brandy Day273: Those Eyes


This kid. My goodness. What a joy to have and watch grow & learn. He is such a handful but every time I look at him in frustration, I remember the joy and laughter he brings me, and that certainly outweighs it all.
This afternoon we spent creekside. Possibly his most favorite place. He is so funny romping through the water chasing his ball down. After giving them both a bath when we got home, he crawled up in this chair and passed out in the sunshine.
Huge Thank You to Bill @ Bill Crabtree Silver Labs in Muncie Indiana. Raising & breeding such beautiful, loving, smart labs!


Brandy Day91: New Day Old Friend


Peyton. Lillian’s 1st boyfriend. She LOVES him.  Lilly & Peyton met 4 going on 5 summers ago. I lived next to Peyton’s dad and met them walking Lilly one day and well, the rest is history.
Peyton’s dad is a firefighter at Grissom Air Force Base in Northern IN. I’d watch Peyton on his long weeks. They’ve always played well, so it was nothing for either of them to be at the others house.
Lilly got to see and play with Peyton today. He’s a sweetheart with the same personality as Lillian! I love them both!
Shot while watching them take a breather…