Brandy Day166: So Close Yet So Far Away..

Needed some time away from ‘life’, so I took a drive. Headed north to a place I’d recently seen photos of, Michigan City, Indiana. I must admit, I’m slightly upset that I’m just now seeing this part of Indiana for … Continue reading

Chandler Day 131: Lake Erie Coast

DSC03093Another day of birding and exploring the parks along Lake Erie. It’s beautiful up here and the birds are amazing. I got my first lifer of the trip, which was also a rarity for Ohio. That was White-faced Ibis.  I talked to some more neat people, saw a lot of good birds, walked along this beautiful beach and at the end of the day I picked up a few more species, which got me to 100 species total for the trip.

Brandy Day107: Have You Seen My Baseball?!


Washed up. Lost. Missing. Worn. Weathered.
To me it seemed to be in the right place at the right time. The marks hold a story. I see its beauty. It just sat there as the sun faded behind it and water crashed around it. Waiting for me to capture its beauty.
The ball is mine now.

Brandy Day96: M.E.H.


This photo reminds me of my childhood. The reason I’m drawn to train tracks. My grandma lived next to tracks. She made everything better. So sensible. A strong, loving, caring & beautiful woman.
I feel a sense of freedom. Standing there looking into the endless existence.
This particular track is about 12 stories above a lake. 90 years old. Solid. How was something so complex built so long ago.
It amazes me how we are where we are from where we’ve come.
Today was a fantastic day! Some great conversation, willingness, friendship & country roads. Lots of country roads <3! 

Chandler Day 95: 100 Acres

DSC02403Every now and then good days come along just when you need them. Today was one of those days. For some reason I had been wondering if everything was really worth it. If all the trouble and stress we go through is worth it. That thought kept playing in my head. This evening I went with Hannah to the 100 acres where we walked around for a while. We found a clearing with a bench that had this view. We sat there and talked for the longest time about all sorts of things. Little things, big things, memories and feelings. And as I sat there thinking about so many things, talking to Hannah and experiencing the woods around me I suddenly realized that, yes, everything is worth it. Moments like this, spent with someone like her, are what make everything worth it. I won’t ever forget sitting on that bench with her, talking about everything  and anything, as the sun slowly climbed down and the lake became a mirror and I realized that life is worth living.

Brandy Day92: Sittin on the Dock


Summertime! Where is it? I live in IN, I get the seasons change, but its been a dreadfully long winter! I love Angry Orchard by Sam Adams. Its crisp and delicious! Reminds me of summer & happiness!! Even Lilly has cabin fever. Looking forward to hitting the trails with her soon.
Sittin on the dock of the cove on Giest