Chandler Day 193: Hoosier Summer

DSC04032Today was a real summer day. Rain and then clear skies, a cookout with friends and family, fireworks, bonfire, horseshoes, the pool, laughter and good memories. A great summer day.

Brandy Day189: Country Nothingness


Las Vegas was great.  I had a wonderful time and was able to spend time with some amazing friends. I must say that it was refreshing to get back in the country and have the ‘nothingness’ surrounding me. Tonights sunset was absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed nothing more than sitting outside watching the sun bashfully hide beneath the earth.

Brandy Day188: Locally Seen


Through the eyes of a local. Las Vegas is a large ‘touristy’ city. Cab drivers are everywhere. Running back and forth. Here to there. Hotel to nightclub. Variety of people from all walks. Making their living off the kindness of sometimes highly intoxicated people.
To all you cab drivers, thank you. Thank you for showing us the city from your point of view. Thank you for keeping us safe in a busy, fast paced city.
Shot from the backseat of a yellow cab.

Brandy Day185: Independence


Independence Day, a holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain (now part of the UK).
I shot this photo from the 19th floor of the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas standing alongside Nikki who is from the UK. 🙂 We had a great night!! After fireworks at the hotel, we went to Tryst where we had bottle service and did a little dancin’…some would say clubbin’.

Happy Fourth of July!! Thank you to all those who’ve served, protected, currently serving & families who’ve lost so that we may have what we currently love.

Chandler Day 160: Dashboard Shooting

DSC03680There are times when I drive and I can’t resist shooting. I just get an idea for a shot and I have to get it. Yes, I know, it’s not the safest. I’ve been told by many. But the shots can really be worth it. Tonight I set up my camera on my dash, held open the shutter and shot away. It made a boring drive much more interesting. I got some cool shots and got to where I was going safe and sound.

Shot on S.R. 32

Chandler Day 137: Six Amazing Months


Six months. Today was our six month anniversary. We were able to celebrate it while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. We spent the whole day together and then I took her to SkyWheel, which is a big Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk at the beach. It was a great view from the top. We could see the ocean and all the lights from the buildings and cars up and down the beach. We got to walk around and we had a great night. It’s been a great six months and I can’t wait to spend countless more with her.

Chandler Day 96: Studying

DSC02408Tonight we were supposed to study. We decided to leave campus to study somewhere else. We wanted to make it as fun as possible. So we tried our favorite Starbucks, but it was full of people. Then we tried another Starbucks, but we didn’t like where it was at. So then we went to the Starbucks in Broad Ripple. Surely this one would be open and a fun place to study. But when we got there it was closed. It was only seven. So we walked around Broad Ripple a bit and then decided to find somewhere else to go. We tried a McDonalds, but didn’t like it either. Eventually we ended up at a Starbucks on the Circle, about an hour and a half later. But we still got some studying done, we had some fun, and I ended up getting this shot before we headed back to campus. So it was a good little adventure in the end.


Chandler Day 88: A Good Night

DSC02312Tonight was good. After a long rough week, I got to spend time with Hannah and her family. We all had dinner and then Hannah and I went driving. We drove around Avon, Plainfield, Danville and went out to Gravity Hill. It was nice to just be driving around, listening to music and talking again. No stress, no big decisions, no arguing, no bad feelings. It was nice. This was taken out in Plainfield,IN

Chandler Day 87: I Finally Got It

DSC02299I finally was able to shoot this train tonight. I remember going out to Danville for the first time last year to see Hannah, and I remember hearing the train from her house. Every time I went out there I would hear the train. It took me a while to find where exactly it was. I found the tracks but I never was able to catch the train. I tired several times and always missed it. I kept hearing it and it started to drive me nuts that I couldn’t find it to shoot it. Until tonight. I decided I would try one more time to look for it. I crossed over the tracks and saw a light coming. So I stopped and waited. And finally it came. It roared past me, horn blaring, and I started shooting. It was awesome. I loved it. I finally was able to shoot it.

Brandy Day65: Damn City


This is what light pollution from the city will do while trying to shoot at night. I love living in the country. I appreciate the still nights, the quiet sky and the sound of nothing. Its beautiful. So close to country summer nights I can smell them!!
Shot between Keystone & Castleton in Indianapolis, IN.