Brandy Day228: Summers Lost


I’ve always been drawn to abandoned & forgotten places. I wanna know the story. What was here before, how did it become forgotten and what’s next?
A few places have given me the creeps, but most of the time it’s intriguing to look around and take photos of someone’s past.
This particular photo was taken of an old farm house off a numbered country road. The broken window with a lace wild flower growing in front, caught my attention.

*SideNote* Lilly & Oliver often go with me to shoot photos, definitely if I’m not feeling well in case something happens. As I’m knee deep in wild flowers again, in front of this old abandoned farm house, Lilly jumps in the front seat and honks the horn scaring the piss out of me.

Brandy Day191: Clumsy Excitement!


Therapy dogs are trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, people with learning disabilities & depression. What’s best is they don’t always have to be trained.
Lilly is such a great companion and healer. She loves because she wants to not because she has to.
Puppies are a great visual inspiration. How can you not smile or laugh when you see a cute puppy. Bounding around clumsy and full of excitement. I’m thinking some good quality time with a puppy is just what Lilly & I need to get through this month 🙂

Brandy Day101: Learning


I’m a runner. I love running. When I hit that ‘runners high’, limits are endless. Recent health issues have caused setbacks. I’m just getting back to running, hoping to be able to do so at least 3 times a week.
Lillian was with me for my first run, this spring. We ran a solid two miles with 15 pushups before, at & after each mile. For those of you who know me this seems so simple, but for those of you who KNOW me, this is huge!! Thank you for all your continued love & support!
Shot after a mid afternoon Friday run! ❤