Chandler Day 269: Danville’s Dead

DSC05290This evening Hannah and I went to shoot a graveyard right in the heart of Danville. There are some very old graves there (I found one from around the 1770’s). Almost all of the graves are from people that have been dead for a very long time and have most likely been completely forgotten about. But as Hannah said, our photos remember and honor them in some way.

Chandler Day 114: Life & Death

DSC02611New life and very old death right next to each other. I remember writing about graveyards and how easily people are forgotten. Never to be remembered. I do still believe this. But we are never destroyed. We are never obliterated. I forget where I read this or found out about this idea, but when we die, our bodies decompose. We return to the earth and the universe. We break down into the elements that made us. Those elements cannot be destroyed. Matter cannot be destroyed. It is just reused. So the stuff that made us, goes onto to make other things. We live in on in the world around us. Our bodies contribute in the creation of new things. They live on forever. So in a sense we really are immortal. And think about all those that died before us. Think of how they all died and broke down and were made into new things, new creatures, new people. We may have forgotten their names and what they did, but they are not gone, not completely and they never will be.

Shot in Crown Hill Cemetery