Brandy Day201: Crossroads


Crossroads. I have no shame in admitting it used to be my favorite BoneThugs song.
Headed out to the Lynch’s House (Jordans house) earlier today. Had a great conversation with Josh (Jordan’s older brother), very unexpected to see him but enjoyable.
After a hard yet enjoyable visit, Jordan was heavy on my heart and mind. This evening during my evening sunset drive, I did what he and I often did together. I played the ‘crossroad’ game. Left, forward or right every time I came to a stop. At this particular crossroad it was a left

Brandy Day200: I Need A Bean Field!


Watching the sun melt on a back country road with the sweet smell of corn and freshly turned soil.
Most don’t understand the satisfaction or the comfort I get when doing this. Nothing but freedom. You can keep your thoughts or go empty minded. There is too much to focus on when you have time and open roads.
I challenge you to try this one evening. Find some country roads, roll the windows down, get your favorite jams going and just drive.

Brandy Day139: You Can’t Run From Your Own Story


‘It took awhile for her to figure out that she could run, but when she did she was gone, long gone, long gone.’
I’ve always been pretty good at running. Figuratively and literally. Perhaps that’s why I love sunsets so much. It signifies an end. A new start, just hours away. A chance to run and start over.
Not all running is bad. I know that your ‘problems’ will follow no matter where you end up. However, sometimes leaving what is comfortable is the only way to find out what your limits are.
The quote I started with is from the song by Keith Urban, Stupid Boy.

If you want a happy ending, it depends on where you stop the story.