Chandler Day 285: Welcome to Danville

DSC05740Today Brandy and KC’s movie,  The Chronicles of a Dead Man, was playing in the Indy Film Fest in Danville, which is Hannah’s hometown. So we got to show Brandy around Danville and get some pretty fun shots at the Twin Bridges. I also got to see Nick, Mary, Mom, Abbie and Hannah’s family too. It was a really fun day overall with family, good short films and some good shots.

Brandy Day203: B & J


Benny & Joon!! What a great movie from 1993. I’m taking it back here. A great comedy with Johnny Depp. This photo is one from one of my favorite scenes. They are in a diner and he awkwardly sticks forks in rolls and begins to make them dance.
Benny & Joon is one I can watch over and over and quote verbatim. If you haven’t seen it…it’s a must see!

Chandler Day 46: Frozen

DSC01515 (2)More snow. It seems like this snow will never end. Indianapolis got several inches of snow that turned driving into a nightmare on Valentine’s day and then today, just as the roads were clear, it started to snow again. Normally I love winter, but I can’t wait for it to get warm. I can’t wait to see this snow melt away. It was kind of ironic tonight. I went with Hannah to see the Disney movie Frozen. And as we came out of the theater it was snowing pretty heavily and I had to brush a good inch of snow off my car. This shot was taken inside my car in Avon, IN as I waited for it to warm up.