Chandler Day 142: Early Sunrise

DSC03499Today was the last day of vacation and the last day for me to catch the sunrise. I had missed it every other morning, so I had to get it this morning. I woke up early and headed down with Hannah, Hillary and Josh. Hillary and Josh wanted me to get photos of them together before we left so it worked out well. I got a beautiful sunrise and got to take photos of them. And then they asked for the stereotypical, holding hands on the beach, photo. So I snapped it quickly and moved on. And then I looked at it and found it had turned out to be a beautiful combination.


Chandler Day 141: Her Hand in Mine

DSC03454It was another great day of vacation. We got to see the beautiful Brookgreen Gardens and then we spent the rest of the day at Huntington Beach SP. Our vacation is almost over, but it has been a great time. I’ve had a lot of fun and it’s been great to relax and hang out with Hannah and her family. While we were at the beach, I took a walk with Hannah and we explored the beach. And as we walked back she told me she wanted a photo that was like the original photo I took of us holding hands. She said she wanted it to be our new tradition. We would take one like it wherever we went. And so we got this shot. Her beautiful hand, held in mine. The first of many more shots that will be from all around the world.


Chandler Day 140: Fly

DSC03321I always love being able to see Brown Pelicans. They are amazing birds. Everything from their specialized bill, to their hunting ability to their flight. I love watching them. I love seeing them fly up high, then plunge, fearlessly, straight down into the water to catch a fish. I love watching a flock glide, low over the water, weaving their way through the incoming waves. They’re incredible.

A flock of them flying high over Myrtle Beach, SC.


Chandler Day 139: Apache Pier

DSC03214This is Apache Pier, or at least the underside of it. It’s the longest pier on the East Coast and really is very pretty. ┬áThe waves crashing through the tunnel of beams sounds amazing, while fishermen cast off from above. It’s a classic pier.


Chandler Day 138: Gulls, Terns, & Ducks

DSC03252While we’ve been on vacation, I’ve been able to do a little bit of birding along the beach, and I’ve been able to pick up three lifers. I found a nice Great Black-backed Gull, and then Hannah found a Black Scoter and Least Tern for me. I’ve seen some other good birds and it’s been fun shooting all the gulls, like this Ring-billed Gull above.


Chandler Day 137: Six Amazing Months


Six months. Today was our six month anniversary. We were able to celebrate it while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. We spent the whole day together and then I took her to SkyWheel, which is a big Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk at the beach. It was a great view from the top. We could see the ocean and all the lights from the buildings and cars up and down the beach. We got to walk around and we had a great night. It’s been a great six months and I can’t wait to spend countless more with her.

Chandler Day 136: Vacation!

DSC03122Today I arrived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for vacation with Hannah, Hillary and their parents. It’s a much needed break from all the hard work of school and it’s going to be a lot of fun. The weather was great today and the beach was beautiful. This is Josh, Hillary’s boyfriend, who also came along. When we got to the beach he pulled off his shorts, revealing this bright orange speedo and ran straight to the water.