Brandy Day77: Racing Clouds to the Moon and Back


When I can run into the night. The dark. Under the moon lit sky. Stars shining. Clouds rushing, like its a race to the moon. So quiet you can hear a spider crawl through the brush. That’s happiness. I stand out there in the middle of it all with a smile. That’s happiness that cannot be taken away, changed, or lost.
After hustlin’ steaks & wings all night I found myself racing the clouds out on that back country road.

Chandler Day 73: Quite A Night

DSC02160Today was a busy day. Went to the bank, got a haircut, went to one of my jobs, went to my other job and when I finally got off at ten I made my way to Danville to see Hannah. On the way out there I noticed how cool the full moon and clouds looked. So I kept stopping to get shots. And then, only a few miles away from Hannah’s house, I was driving down a very dark country road, I failed to see a sharp curve in the road and my poor little Honda ended up buried in mud, 20 yards out in a cornfield. Two hours later, after Hannah’s dad, Josh, and I dug, pushed and pulled, we got it out of the field. It was quite a night and one I won’t forget. ┬áDespite all the trouble and feeling like a complete idiot, I’d still have to say it was worth it.I got some great shots and had some fun. The shot above was taken before it ended up in the field.

Chandler Day 42: The Moon & Stars

DSC01413 (2)It felt good to get out and shoot tonight. I was able to drive around in the country and take some shots of the night sky. It was perfectly clear out for once and the stars and the moon were brilliant. It was freezing out but it felt good to have a camera in hand and the stars above. I was alone with the moon and the stars. And it was almost completely silent, aside from the occasional hoot of a Great-Horned Owl in the distance. Taken at the Farm, in rural Lebanon, IN.