Chandler Day 90: “Your Smile Is Breathtaking :)”


This is one of the many notes that Hannah has been leaving everywhere she goes. She decided to do this for Lent. She wanted to cheer people up, make them smile, compliment them, and help them have a better day by leaving kind notes like this all over the place. I was very impressed by this idea and it’s been fun watching her do it. Doing something like this for Lent fits her perfectly. She’s so caring and wants to help people and make people happier so much. And this a little ways she’s doing it. It makes me smile just being able to write about it.  She’s left them for a janitor in one of the halls, on a very shy student’s door, for a waiter who served us, in stores, bathrooms, hallways, lobbies, and on a tip. We like to think it’s cheered some people up or made them smile. Taken in a lobby very late tonight.

Chandler Day 53: I Love You

DSC01709Today was an amazing day. This morning I set up  a special scavenger hunt for Hannah. I hid clues around campus and across Indianapolis. The clues took her to places where we had special memories, like where we went on our first date. The final clue led her to a place she hadn’t ever been before; Marott Park. Hidden in a tree at the park was a note telling her 100 things I loved about her. I was also hiding there at the park, though she thought I was at work. When she got there and read the note I told her I loved her. I had to do it in a special way. I had to do some grand gesture to try and show her how much I loved her. Later that day she asked me how I knew I loved her. And I told her I knew  I loved her because I would do anything for her. I know because I do all these little things for her that I wouldn’t do for anyone else. I know because when she’s sick, I take care of her and still kiss her, even though I hate being around sick people. I know because I’d drive miles and miles out of my way just to see her. I know because I love all of her little quirks. I know because of incredibly happy she makes me. I just knew. I love you Hannah.