Brandy Day200: I Need A Bean Field!


Watching the sun melt on a back country road with the sweet smell of corn and freshly turned soil.
Most don’t understand the satisfaction or the comfort I get when doing this. Nothing but freedom. You can keep your thoughts or go empty minded. There is too much to focus on when you have time and open roads.
I challenge you to try this one evening. Find some country roads, roll the windows down, get your favorite jams going and just drive.

Chandler Day 107: Clouds

DSC02499As I drove to work, windows down, sunroof open, wind blowing, sun shining, I looked up and saw the clouds. I’ve always loved the clouds. Staring up, watching them float by. Up there in their own huge world. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I always wanted to get up on top of the clouds. I always imagined being able to get up to them and lay on them. To be up there in the world of clouds. Way up above this world, able to go wherever they please, literally driven by the wind, floating, flying by. Open and free.

Brandy Day66: Open


So often in life we get burned. Hurt. Let down. Used. Lied to. Its hard to open up again. To trust. Love. Forgive. Believe. We don’t want to let anyone in in fear of the same happening again. No one likes that shitty feeling. The feeling of blaming yourself for the repeated offer of hurt upon your heart.
Just remember you will never know love. Happiness. Joy. Hope. Laughter. Fun. Cloud 9. Until you take that chance. Know with an open heart, hurt and sadness will happen again you just have to learn from it rather than hurt from it. 
Everyday I am reminded to believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’, the belief that ‘like attracts like’.
Shot in black and white because that’s what currently holds my heart. Shot of an abandoned door because at one time, it opened up to happiness, love, laughter and hope.

Brandy Day41: SouthWest

As the sunsets it lights up the sky showing off the colors its gathered through the day. Using the snow as a mirror, reflecting beautifully as it sinks behind the guarding trees. No sunset is ever the same. The sun … Continue reading

Chandler Day 14: Trapped

DSC00621Have you ever felt trapped?

It’s ¬†an awful feeling. You feel like the walls are closing in, your heart pounds, you can’t breathe, your begin to panic. Lately I’ve felt like this. It comes from a lot of different issues and and feelings that I won’t go into. Last night was awful. The feeling was so bad I had a panic attack and I nearly threw up. I almost had a repeat today, but I refused to let it happen. So I got in my car and headed somewhere wide open. I drove and drove and cleared my head. And I found this train track, which always cheers me up. It helped. The endless, empty fields and the wind and the open sky relieved what I have been feeling. Shot at a train track in rural Boone county, way out in the wide open.