Chandler Day 116: Hannah & Felix

DSC02652This is Baby, or Felix. His real name is Felix, but Hannah and I don’t like the name so we just call him Baby. He’s sweet but he can be a little devil too. Hannah loves the little guy though. We decided to take him outside for a little bit to enjoy the nice weather. He sat there nicely in Hannah’s lap for maybe a minute and then started squirming and trying to escape. She calmed him down and then he proceeded to give her kisses on the nose. It was pretty cute.

Brandy Day69: Warm as the Day is Long


Ahhh yes! 72 and sunny! Beautiful! First grill out of the year and oh so deliciously amazing! Garlic and Italian herb roasted potatoes, parmesan brussle sprouts & Mediterranean veggie burger with jalapeño cheese, fried egg & avocado. Washed down with a crisp Angry Orchard. Cheers to warmer weather ahead!! ❤