Chandler Day 302: A Spooky Surprise

DSC06140So tonight I got a sweet surprise from Hannah. A while back we had watched a video from Neil Gaiman (great author) who wanted to start something called All Hallow’s Read, which is where you give a person a scary book to read for Halloween. So we thought we would do this for each other and we went and bought scary books. Tonight we kind of got into an argument that I don’t ever remember was about. It was all over text and she sounded upset and told me to meet her at the Dogwalk, which is a haunted part of the campus. I walked there and she wasn’t there, which worried me, but then I saw a pumpkin sitting on the steps with this little owl and two books in it. Then she came over and surprised me. Most of the argument was completely made up so she could do this surprise. It was very cute and I absolutely loved what she got me.

Chandler Day 42: The Moon & Stars

DSC01413 (2)It felt good to get out and shoot tonight. I was able to drive around in the country and take some shots of the night sky. It was perfectly clear out for once and the stars and the moon were brilliant. It was freezing out but it felt good to have a camera in hand and the stars above. I was alone with the moon and the stars. And it was almost completely silent, aside from the occasional hoot of a Great-Horned Owl in the distance. Taken at the Farm, in rural Lebanon, IN.