Chandler Day 306: Burnt to a Crisp

DSC06154Today I was able to go home and see my mom. It was nice to be back, but also kind of sad. Our house is officially sold and she will be moving soon. I know I am away most of the time, but that house was home and it was hard to see things being packed up. I had to pack up part of my room also and it was weird. It is hard saying good bye to a place that has been home for years and where so many memories have taken place. The entire area holds memories. The fields, woods, and roads are home too. As we drove back from the new house where she will be moving we saw this burned up combine. It was a prototype that obviously failed quite badly. It was an interesting sight to see. And I sit here and try to form some profound connection between home and a burned combine and I can’t. This photo is just another photo of what I call home and what soon will not be home.

Chandler Day 228: Boxes & Cookies

DSC04211Another long day of getting ready, this time packing up my things and getting stuff together. We finished up some projects and Hannah also made amazing cookies for our roommates, because she’s just super nice like that. Despite everything we had to do it was still a good day. A good last day of Summer for us.

Chandler Day 227: Packing Time

DSC04260Today I spent most of the day packing with Hannah and getting ready to head back to Marian. Though it’s tedious and annoying to pack, I’m looking forward to moving back. I think it’s going to be a good semester, a lot better than last semester.