Chandler Day 20: Comfort

DSC00934I’ll be blunt. Tonight I felt like shit. Life just kind of piled on top of me again. So I needed something to help me out. I had to force myself to find something comforting. So I grabbed a new book that I had gotten over the weekend. Books have always been a comfort to me. I have always been able to open them up and bury myself in the pages. I dive into the story and forget about everything else. And sometimes it feels so good. To just escape for a little while.

Chandler Day 7: Pages

DSC00536This photo is kind of hard to explain, but I’ll try my best. The page in the middle of the picture is sheet music torn from an old German songbook I had. I gave it to my girlfriend to use in an art assignment she was working on. She was creating a large “blanket” of photos, book pages and sheet music attached to burlap for an art class. Every page and photo and song that she chose were important to her. When I look at the blanket now, it takes a while to find the little page of music I gave her. This page is a tiny little part of the blanket. But it’s still significant to me and her. And for some reason this little page makes me think about our actions and how they affect people. They can be tiny little things we do, things we would never think twice about, but they still affect people. They make an impact on people, whether we know it or not. I think it’s important to think about this every now and then, to remind ourselves of how important our actions really are.